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MSCU Digital Banking FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions about MSCU Digital Banking. We've got answers. We put together a list of commonly asked questions to give you more information about Mutual Security Credit Union's Digital Banking platform.


I’m new to digital banking. How will I enroll?

You can enroll right from a computer or mobile device! Below the login field, use the “Register with Digital Banking” button and follow the prompts! Note: You’ll need to have your member number and other personally identifiable information in order to successfully enroll. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-761-2400. 


I use Quicken/Quickbooks, do I need to change my settings?

Yes. Please visit our Quicken/Quickbooks how-to page for instructions. 


What browsers can I use to login? 

Internet Explorer is not supported. In order to have an optimal and secure user experience, please check that you are using a recent version of one of the following supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari (macOS only), or Edge (Windows only.) Learn more, here


How do I login to the Digital Banking platform?

When the platform launches, you can login from any page of our website. 

If you've used digital banking prior to 2019:  If you've NOT used digital banking before: 
  • • Use your existing username and password
  • • Receive an access code at a phone or email we have on file
  • • Enter the access code
  • • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • • Click the ‘Register with Online Banking’ button
  • • Provide your account information
  • • Receive an access code at a phone or email we have on file
  • • Enter the access code
  • • Create a username and password
  • • Agree to the terms and conditions

Does my security access code expire?

Security access codes are valid for ten minutes, after that you will need to request a new code.


Will I be able to customize my Digital Banking dashboard?

Yes! When you login to your Digital Banking platform, you will land on the Dashboard. By default, the Dashboard opens on the ‘View my Accounts’ tab. To customize what you see, simply select the ‘Customize’ toggle and this will prompt you to turn the widgets available to you on and off so that you can see the information that is most useful to you.


Is my account and personal information secure when I log in?

We treat your privacy and your security seriously. All financial information in MSCU's digital banking is encrypted both as you provide it and whenever we store it.


Can I use bill pay in the Digital Banking platform?

Yes, but please note:

1) When you schedule a payment to be sent to your merchant, we will confirm you have enough money in your account to cover that payment. On the day the payment is scheduled, the money needed for that payment will be held while it is being processed, up until the time of being sent to your merchant. If there is not sufficient funds, we will try again on the next business day. In fact, we will try your payment two more times before canceling it. Previously, your payment would be canceled if there were not sufficient funds after the first attempt.

2) For merchants who cannot receive electronic payments (like your accountant, or your landscaper), a paper check is issued and the funds will be debited from your account on the same day. Previously, funds would be debited from your account when your merchant cashed the check.


Does Digital Banking have account notifications?

Yes! You can remain in sync with your finances by turning on multiple types of alerts including:
• Balance Alerts
• Check Clearance Alerts
• Login Alerts
• Transaction and Transfer Alerts
• Card Location, Spending, and Transaction Alerts
• Security Alerts


Can I make transfers?

Yes! From one-time to recurring, you can easily set up transfers to and from your MSCU accounts.


What features can I expect? 

• Integrated Bill Pay: Full integrated experience on mobile and desktop
• Advanced Security: Active defenses and strong encryption keep members and data safe.
• Mobile Deposit: Easily deposit check on-the-go with a point and click.
• Card Controls: Instantly lock and unlock your credit/debit cards from anywhere.
• Instant Notifications: Stay in the know of any changes or transactions in your accounts.
• Dashboards: Engaging, personal design that provides access to common tasks.
• Savings Goals: Set savings goals for yourself and keep track right on your home screen.
• Spending Trends: Take control of your finances by viewing where your money is being spent.


If you have a question you don't see the answer to, please contact us

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